The donations received by Radio Vieques are exempt from tax contributions in Puerto Rico and the United States.

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All the operations of the radio, the technological equipment and the sustenance of its transmission have been and are covered with the support of the "Amig@s de Radio Vieques", a solidarity group of radio listeners committed to community radio in Vieques, Culebra and all of Puerto Rico.

What is our essence, our reason for being?

Our community is our reason for being. Daily we put our mission into practice; serve the communities that surround us and our listeners.

How do we do it?

  • Continually students and university students use our facilities as part of their class work. The schools of Vieques and Culebra, the university students of the Humacao Campus and other educational centers constantly include Radio Vieques in their academic work.
  • We received a mention of the Prize for Solidarity of the Miranda Foundation.
  • We work with programs, activities and special transmissions to keep our community informed. Examples of this are: panels with community, cultural, sports and all kinds of organizations, guidance on health clinics, representations and participation in talks to raise awareness of the work we do, and much more.
  • Through the Radio Vieques Institute for Community Communications, which allows us to form, through workshops and meetings throughout the year, all the volunteers that constitutes our work team, as well as the community in general, for free. This includes visits to schools, lectures, panels and materials for this purpose.

What is the Membership “ Amig@s de Radio Vieques” ?

It is a Program composed of all the people who are supportive and committed to supporting the mission of Radio Vieques. It started with a group that helped found the station and has expanded to our listeners, and the community we serve.

What does it allow us to achieve?

Our network of Amig@s de Radio Viequesmakes possible the regular collection of funds for the station, besides providing a bank of ideas, suggestions, volunteers and greater community support. This, in turn, allows the station to stay ahead of the curve with its offerings and to continue to serve in excellence.

What are the benefits of being part of “ Amig@s de Radio Vieques” ?

  • Access to an exquisite combination of Puerto Rican, Caribbean, Latin American and world music; thus expanding the cultural horizons of our audience.
  • Diverse and unique programming 24/7 in the quadrant 90.1FM and through the Internet.
  • Continuous information about workshops, conferences, talks, events and special activities that improve the quality of life of our immediate community.
  • Be a participant in our commitment to community sectors such as: children, women, the elderly, university students, among others.

How can I join Membership “ Amig@s de Radio Vieques”?

If you want to support Radio Vieques through volunteering, as a university practice or as an internship in communication and related areas, or to be part of our regular team of correspondents, in technical aspects, in production areas and others, or to suggest content; call 787-375-0525 or write us at